MMORPG’s with nice combat systems


Vindictus probably would be an 6/10 on this list… actually an 8.5/10 if you dont mind the fact that if you have money you can constantly spam non cooldown and instant cast potions together with lot’s of resurrection that gives you an 15 seconds invicibility buff… What can I say except for that Vindictus is an P2W but F2P MMORPG?


TERA, It’s got an real nice Combat System that is heavily relying on dodging, if you stay still you die that simple. Tera is simply F2P done right, I personally think that TERA has the best PVE content currently on the market that probably will even keep up with the new MMORPG’s that’ll be released. Also did I mention the awesome graphics?


AiON, Like TERA it also has an relatively nice combat system with nice graphics, but I personally play AiON only for the PVP content, It’s simply several times better then the other MMORPG’s!

It’s an casher!

This image probably explains everything right?

Games like Wolfteam, Vindictus or Forsaken World are an relatively fitting example for this topic, either you pay or you can go into an corner and start to cry…

But there is one more solution to end your suffering, which also can spare your purse from an really painful experience!

And this awesome solution is: Surveys!



Well ignoring those that just flew away, let’s get back to my awesome plan on how to save your purse from developing anorexia…

Many games like Vindictus or Forsaken World have offers which ask you to do Surveys, actually Surveys are just one amongst those offers, but they have an nice compensation, compared to the other offers which barely give you an fraction of it.

„Compared to the other offers“

Yes! There are other ways to save your purse, not as effective as the Surveys but certainly for those that dont want to sit there for 15 minutes and click though thousands of annoying questions this might prove as an better solution.

Depending on the Publisher there might be offers where you are asked to download an smartphone game, which usually are 90% trash… but who cares about that right? or the probably most loved way of mine, Watching short ads for an rather trashy compensation, but those ads usually dont take more then an minute and you only need to press the play-button.

Now before you go rush to check if the current game you play offers an solution like this and come back kicking in my (virtual) door to ask where the offers are located at or why they dont display, here is an short QA that I made only for you guys!


Q: Where can I find the offers?
A: Often you can find those right at the same place where you can buy the CS stuffies, those who can read have an clear advantage…

Q: Why are there no offers?
A: Offers are often limited, Videos usually run out rather fast.

Q: Offers wont load!
A: Adblock.

Q: Why is the QA so short?
A: Because there is an awesome comment box there!